Hello Everyone and welcome to my site. My name is Bruce and as you peruse around this site please feel comfortable in the fact that I am a real person in a real life situation the same as you may be in.


I started my work history many, many years ago right after High school. I attended college for a few months and came down with a very bad case of chicken pox (which at nineteen is not a good thing). After recovery, I decided not to return to school and rather find my fortune in life. After some years working in several garages as an auto mechanic I became friends with another mechanic and after much discussion over many beers, we decided to become entrepenures in the automotive repair business. We pooled our money, (not much, but we were young then) rented some space and we were off. Or so we thought. We waited, and waited for what seemed like weeks for our first customer to come in the door….. Finally, it happened. We had a paying customer. We were ecstatic !! This customer was treated like royalty with a fair price and honesty (that being the key). That was thirty some years ago and last year I retired from that same place.

After enjoying retirement for a few months I became restless and looking for something to do to supplement my income because after putting three children through four years of college, there was not enough money to enjoy retirement the way I wanted to. After many months searching here and there I realized that there is not much call for a retired mechanic. Finally, I found a way to earn some cash to be able to do the things I wanted to do in retirement and to help people in a similar situation take charge of their lives.

The point of this website is to help people who want to be independent, having time with family and to make a little extra money realize their dream and with some training (which is free, by the way) some work, which you always have to do and a some time we can all achieve the same goals. Please join me on a journey to a place in life where we all want to be.  Financially independent retired early with Wealthy Affiliate

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Please feel free to leave any comments in the space below.

All the best,



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