Have you ever just wanted to curl up with a good book sitting in front of a fireplace or poolside? How about a long car ride, bus trip or even on a long flight? Sounds good, right? Consider being in a situation like that being able to learn about affiliate marketing in print.

That’s right! Reading a book about a subject you might be interested in or just starting out with your online business. Maybe you just want to get a different perspective on the subject to increase your knowledge base. Or maybe you just want to compare different methods or ideas on how other programs or businesses approach affiliate marketing.


Books vs. Internet

I like to read. In today’s world of electronics, internet, TV, computers, social media, cell phones or hand held devices, sometimes I just want to unplug and relax. Turn off the noise out there! Go where it’s quiet and peaceful and return to a sense of normalcy even if that place is somewhere in your own home.

Now don’t get me wrong, technology has an amazing presence in our world today and I am in awe of how far it has progressed in a relatively short period of time. It has really enhanced our quality of life in regard to speed of gaining information, the convenience of portability in a cell phone, automation and voice control of many systems in our homes including security and now even lighting and appliances.

But books, ahhh, the serenity and peacefulness of just reading, passing the time in total solitude. And the best part is it works anywhere! Even where there is no service for your cell phone or no internet connection. Reading for extended periods of time on a cell phone constantly scrolling side to side or up and down just doesn’t cut it for me all the time.

You can take your books to the beach, poolside, on a plane or even camping with no cell coverage and enjoy reading or learning about your favorite subjects.

Learn Affiliate Marketing With Book

I know it sounds old school and outdated, and there are not many places that aren’t connected anymore, but there are times when you are traveling or spending time outdoors when you can still read and learn about affiliate marketing.

Like the internet there are many, many books out there on the subject. My recommendation is if you are new to affiliate marketing or considering trying a program, buy a book and read it to see if it sparks your interest, then invest your time to try it online. You will get the feel of how it works and if this is the right way for you to go.

I can think of a number of books on certain subjects, for example, cooking where after I read it I would say “hey I’d like to try that” or “I would love to live like that.” Books are your gateway to launching a successful career online.

New Best Selling Books

There are a couple of books that I would recommend for you to read. Both have a lot of information in regard to affiliate marketing and plans you can follow to start building an online presence to make some extra cash. I have read both and I think they provide an insight into the world of Affiliate marketing.

There are many books published on this subject and when you click on my links you can also peruse others that are available to you, but I am recommending the best-seller because it is packed with exciting information and skills you need to become proficient in your niche.

Affiliate Marketing for Free

Yes, that’s right, Free! If you read one of these books and decide that affiliate marketing is the direction in which you want to go, then I would urge you to sign up for Wealthy Affiliate.  This is the best program for anyone looking to start an online business of their own no matter what products or services you intend to promote.

Best of all it’s free to join, you will get free membership to start, two free websites and all the training and support you could ever need to start and profit from your very own online business. After seven days you can upgrade your membership to premium for just $49 dollars per month or a discounted $349 per year and take advantage of 50 websites with unlimited email accounts, video and online training with a community of online entrepreneurs to help you every step of the way to make you a success.

Every Step Counts

No matter what you do in life, mostly everything comes in steps. Start stepping in the right direction with the books and online course I have recommended for you and reach for the quality of life you are looking for and deserve. I want to help you to take your dreams for you and your family and make those dreams become a reality.

Remember that every step counts and even if they are baby sets they will help you move forward. It takes time to learn and progress but in the end you will have a very rewarding experience. Please feel free to leave any comments below and if you have any questions or need more information email me at info@roadforindependence.com.    Thank you !









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