Good day, All and yes, “today is the first day of the rest of your life”.  Each day we get to begin a new and that was never more apparent to me than the day I retired after 50+ years of first working for the man and then moved on to being self-employed.

  We spend our lives waiting to grow up, waiting for school vacations, waiting to get our driver’s license, waiting to graduate, waiting to fall in love with that special person made just for us, waiting to be of age to vote, to drink, to do whatever the heck we want and to find the right job that pays us the most money.  Then after finding and achieving all that, we begin waiting, waiting for our days off, waiting for a raise, waiting until the bills are paid, waiting for life to happen, to be better, to be great and ultimately, waiting to retire.

  Well, I did all that and retirement could not come soon enough.  I knew there was more out there for me to do and I didn’t want to walk into retirement, I wanted to leap into retirement and that I did!  It was great those first few days, okay the first couple of months.  Yet as great as it was, I found myself missing the race.

  I knew I had to do something more to fulfill my now vacant-of-work world and so my search began.  I looked at some classifieds, more websites offering, “You too can make thousands, just click below to get started”, and of course, I listened to a friend after friend tell me what I should do with the rest of my life and lest me not forget to mention my ever-growing, honey-do list.   I considered coming up with my own honey-do list, but my good friends and strangers alike told me this is most certainly not a good idea, as honey-do lists only go one way:  The lady to the man.

After searching for what seemed like forever and a day, I found my niche and a niche is what this modern-day century (hey, that’s an oxymoron) states we need if we want to be somebody or make money.  I have always understood the term, ‘you need to spend money to make money’ and having been in business for myself the last four decades, I mostly have always agreed with that term. 

Although, I also understand and reflect back on times when either I or someone I knew or even someone I heard about became rich (and I don’t just mean monetarily) just by being in the right place at the right time, catching a break when the world seemed against ’em or offered, ‘put no money down and begin today’.  I myself have sat, with my head in my hands, wondering where my next dollar would come from and it seems that even in retirement, I have a desire to still make my own money.    Then one day, when it was the first day of the rest of my life, I found it.

     The financially independent life that offers me freedom, something to spend a bit of time on most days, but offered me less pressure than my previous jobs, and no time commitments, so I can still enjoy retirement when I feel like it.  Most importantly it was something that didn’t come without a little hard work on my part.

  I know from being raised by the two of the greatest from the greatest generation, nothing comes from not doing anything!  Just as important, I know and want to share with others, that putting in a good day’s work, even if that work day is 2.5 hours long instead of 8, nothing leaves any of us feeling more accomplished than when we do indeed put in a little elbow grease and create our own fortune.

I hope you have enjoyed reading a bit about me, that you are seeing that today is also the first day of the rest of your life and you will join me to plan financial independence not retirement, in a life of independence, more freedom, a bit of work on your part to earn some money, less pressure while doing so and absolutely no money down or time commitments. Click the link below today and begin your road to independence.

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I am the retired guy who just got hired by himself, and you too can join the program that gives you the feeling of that’s right, “today is the first day of the rest of my life”

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  1. Very inspiring, you’ve mad me “laugh out loud” with you honey do list too, well be checking in to learn from your journey and experience. Best of luck to you!

  2. Hi Bruce! This is a lovely post. I agree that we spent a lot of time waiting for things to happen. I like the idea that even in retirement you have the desire to achieve your goals.

    I like how you said you just got hired by yourself’

    • I believe that you are you’re worst critic and that if you get “hired by yourself” you will work harder to impress yourself and attain your goals in life. If you wait for things to happen, chances are they won’t. Retirement has given me a chance to spend a little more time to move even further along with my life to achieve even more goals and to help others along the way do the same.
      Thank you for visiting my site and the comment.

  3. Your lifes Journey is a full plate. After reading I think what at Meijer need the most was your will to continue to move forward after each venture you took, you didn’t stop but instead you kept moving forward and taking action. and now you’re ready to take on another Journey. Thanks for sharing

    • Yes my life has been busy and sometimes hectic but I think you always need to take steps forward to accomplish things in life. As I stated in a previous post, if you don’t take steps, you’re standing still and not much comes from being idle.
      Thank you for visiting my site and your comment.

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